Library winter reading challenge banner on a snowy background with trees

Get out of your winter reading slump by joining the library's Winter Reading Challenge! We have bingo cards available for adults and children. Complete the activities on your sheet and bring it back to the library anytime in February for the chance to earn prizes.

For kids, bring your sheet back to the library after your first bingo to earn a prize! If you'd like to continue the challenge, you can try to blackout your card. All blackout entries will be entered into a grand prize drawing to win a pop-up book.

For adults, each bingo completed will earn you 1 entry into a grand prize drawing for a gift card to a local business! Blacking out your bingo card will earn you 5 entries.

Bingo sheets will be available for pick-up at the circulation desk beginning on February 1. You can also print out a bingo sheet at home using the links below:

Youth Bingo Sheet

Adult Bingo Sheet


Lost Year cover with headshot of author

Monday, February 26

4:00 - 5:00 PM

The Lost Year

by Katherine Marsh

The Lost Year book cover by Katherine Marsh

A middle-grade survival story that traces a family secret back to the Holodomor, a terrible famine that devastated Soviet Ukraine in the 1930s.

Thirteen-year-old Matthew is miserable. His journalist dad is stuck overseas indefinitely, and his mom has moved in his one-hundred-year-old great-grandmother to ride out the pandemic, adding to his stress and isolation.

But when Matthew finds a tattered black-and-white photo in his great-grandmother’s belongings, he discovers a clue to a hidden chapter of her past, one that will lead to a life-shattering family secret. Set in alternating timelines that connect the present-day to the 1930s and the US to the USSR, Katherine Marsh’s latest novel sheds fresh light on the Holodomor – the horrific famine that killed millions of Ukrainians, and which the Soviet government covered up for decades.

Inspired by Marsh’s own family history. This book is a perfect fit for both tweens and teens.


This session can be both in person, and online via Zoom. To join us, call Catherine at 608-798-3886 - please let Catherine know if you would like to attend virtually.

Copies are available for checkout at the library. 

Board Game Battle on March 2 at 11am

Join the library for our first ever board game battle! Participate in a handful of speed rounds of your favorite board games to earn points and compete to be the top team.

Registration is required for this event before February 29. Participants will compete in teams of two—you can sign up as a pair or individually to be placed in a duo at the event. Call the library or send an email to kmckewin [at] rgpl.org to register. This program is for adults and teens ages 12 and up.







Song for a Whale, by Lynne Kelly

The story of a deaf girl's connection to a whale whose song can't be heard by his species, and the journey she takes to help him.

From fixing the class computer to repairing old radios, twelve-year-old Iris is a tech genius. But she's the only deaf person in her school, so people often treat her like she's not very smart. If you've ever felt like no one was listening to you, then you know how hard that can be.
When she learns about Blue 55, a real whale who is unable to speak to other whales, Iris understands how he must feel. Then she has an idea: she should invent a way to "sing" to him! But he's three thousand miles away. How will she play her song for him?


The Tween Book club read Song for a Whale, by Lynne Kelly for their February 2021 book discussion. The author graciously agreed to answer questions from the group. Take a look at the interview, which includes a link to a fascinating article, complete with recordings of whale sounds.

Check out this interview with the author of one of our favorite reads, The True Meaning of Smekday. We have often read the book for an end of the year selection (just because we like it so much). Adam Rex offered to answer questions for our group, take a look at what he had to say.