Reserve Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room Calendar

The meeting rooms located in the Rosemary Garfoot Public Library facility at 2107 Julius Street are open to all groups and persons regardless of their beliefs or affiliations.  There shall be no restrictions regarding religious, political or business activities other than they be lawful.

Further use policy details are available. 


Reservations for meeting rooms must be filed by by filling out the online reservation request form, or by means of written application with the Library. Please call the library (608-798-3881) to determine whether a particular time slot is open; the reservation does not take effect until the application has been submitted and approved by signature of designated Library staff members.  Only a person of legal age may sign an application.

There are two booking periods, September – May and June – August.  Reservations will be accepted for only one booking period at a time.  Meeting rooms cannot be reserved more than sixty days in advance of the first meeting.

If the meeting includes a program directed to the public, this information is to be stated on the application so that inquiries to the Library may be answered.

The person signing the application is responsible for:

  1. Payment for any damage to Village or Library property occurring during or in connection with room use.
  2. Enforcing the meeting room regulations.