Tween Book Club - Jennifer Chan is Not Alone

Monday, November 28- 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Jennifer Chan is Not Alone

by Tae Keller

Book cover for Jennifer Chan is not alone, girl going through doorway.

A story about a girl who is alienated by her friends . . . for believing in aliens.

Sometimes middle school can make you feel like you're totally alone in the universe...but what if we aren't alone at all?

Mallory Moss knows how the world works. After meeting the cool girl, Reagan, she finally has a best friend, and Reagan makes Mallory feel like she belongs, like she can fit in this infinite universe, as long as she follows Reagan’s simple rules: wear the right clothes, control your image, know your place.

But when Jennifer Chan moves into the house across the street, those rules don’t feel quite so simple anymore. Because Jennifer is different. She doesn’t seem to care about the laws of middle school, or the laws of the universe. She’s willing to embrace the strange, the unknown… the extraterrestrial. She believes in aliens—and what’s more, she thinks she can find them.

Then Jennifer goes missing. The adults say she ran away…but where is she going? And why? Using clues in Jennifer’s journals about alien encounters, Mallory attempts to find her. But the closer she gets, the more Mallory has to confront why Jennifer might have run … and face the truth within herself.

This session will be both in person, and online via Zoom. To join us, call Catherine at 608-798-3881.

Copies of the book are available for checkout at the library.

Rosemary Garfoot Public Library - Live and on Zoom
"I don't know why Jennifer ran away."