Teen/Tween Book Club - The Lost Year

Monday, February 26

4:00 - 5:00 PM

The Lost Year

by Katherine Marsh

The Lost Year book cover by Katherine Marsh

A middle-grade survival story that traces a family secret back to the Holodomor, a terrible famine that devastated Soviet Ukraine in the 1930s.

Thirteen-year-old Matthew is miserable. His journalist dad is stuck overseas indefinitely, and his mom has moved in his one-hundred-year-old great-grandmother to ride out the pandemic, adding to his stress and isolation.

But when Matthew finds a tattered black-and-white photo in his great-grandmother’s belongings, he discovers a clue to a hidden chapter of her past, one that will lead to a life-shattering family secret. Set in alternating timelines that connect the present-day to the 1930s and the US to the USSR, Katherine Marsh’s latest novel sheds fresh light on the Holodomor – the horrific famine that killed millions of Ukrainians, and which the Soviet government covered up for decades.

Inspired by Marsh’s own family history. This book is a perfect fit for both tweens and teens.


This session can be both in person, and online via Zoom. To join us, call Catherine at 608-798-3886 - please let Catherine know if you would like to attend virtually.

Copies are available for checkout at the library. 

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Lost Year cover with headshot of author