Phase III Opening Plan - Updated

Phase III Opening - Updated on June 29, 2021

Rosemary Garfoot Public Library - Phase III Opening - UPDATED


 The current Public Health Order #16 expired on June 2, 2021.

Masks: Starting June 29, 2021:  The Village Board passed a motion that STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that people continue to wear masks in the library facility and other municipal buildings.  The Library asks that everyone entering the building keep the safety of others in-mind by showing solidarity and support to the library community in understanding that not all people in the library will be fully vaccinated.  Children under 12 are yet to be vaccinated and friends and neighbors visiting the library could have underlying health issues.  Library Staff will continue to wear masks when interacting with members of the public.

Physical Distancing : The Library will continue to ask that patrons honor physical distancing inside the library facility.  Please sanitize hands upon arrival. 

Visits by Appointment Ends: Beginning July 26, 2021, both entrances to the library facility will be open.  Appointments for entry will no longer be required.  Staff will continue to monitor and regulate the number of people in the facility.   While time restrictions on visits will be lifted, patrons are advised to limit the amount of time they spend in the facility. The use of the library facility and programs are open to all individuals regardless of vaccination status.

Curbside Service :   This service will be suspended beginning July 12, 2021.   If you have issues that prevent you from going inside, please call the library when you arrive and request that materials be brought outside for you.   If you don't have mobile phone access, call when you are ready to leave home, and let staff know when you will arrive.

Programming:  At this time, programming will continue to be virtual unless an outside event is planned.  Storytime sessions will be held outside dependent upon weather, into October.  Check with the chidren's librarian for information - Catherine Baer,  One study room, the storytime room, and the meeting room will not be available for public use until further notice.   

Study Room:  Beginning July 26, one study room will be available for bookings.   Bookings must be made in-person.   Maximum of two people may be in the room at one time.  Two hour limit. 


If you are feeling ill in any way, we ask you to show care for the community by not coming into the library building until you are feeling healthy again.  We encourage everyone who is eligible, to get vaccinated. 


We are optimistic about the direction of the pandemic. The Library continues to monitor the pandemic and may be required to make alterations as needed and deemed necessary.