Only Murders In The Library -- Podcast Club

Are you an avid true crime podcast listener? Join fellow podcast enthusiasts at the library once a month to discuss the genre as we make our way through different shows. Like a book club but for podcasts, you'll listen to the assigned episodes for the month at home and then meet at the library to discuss the crime, the podcast, and everything in-between. For our fall series, we'll be listening to Unsolved: Season One, a podcast about a 47-year-old Wisconsin cold case hosted by Gina Barton of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

October 11th, 6PM

Due to the power outage that cancelled our September meeting, we'll be discussing five entire episodes this month! Join us as we talk through the podcast, the crime, and look at some of the in-depth reporting and sources the Journal Sentinel used to put this story together:

  • Episode 1: Have You Seen Johnny?
  • Episode 2: Where Do We Start?
  • Episode 3: A Chilling Discovery
  • Episode 4: Citizen Detective
  • Episode 5: What Did We Miss?

November 15th, 6PM

In November, we will wrap up season one of Unsolved by discussing the final two episodes and the show on a whole. Missed the previous meetings? Anyone is welcome to catch up on all the episodes and join in the discussion of the whole season.

  • Episode 6: Blinded by Science
  • Episode 7: A New Beginning

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