Neighborhood Forest - Free Trees for Earth Day

girl planting tree

We are celebrating Earth Week (Earth Day – April 22 | Neighborhood Forest Day – April 26 | Arbor Day – April 28) this spring by participating in the 15th Annual Neighborhood Forest free tree program, whose aim is to provide free trees to kids every spring. 

Since 2010, Neighborhood Forest has engaged over 1,000 institutions, reached over 250,000 families and planted over 90,000 (mostly urban and residential) trees through the hands of children and parents across North America.

Check out this cute video.

We endorse this project and are excited to be participating in this wonderful program that teaches kids stewardship through the magic and wonder of planting and watching trees grow.

Please fill out the following online registration form by March 15th and receive a free tree (6-12 inches in size) during Earth Week (April 22-27).  Exact species will be revealed in early April.

Register Here!

You will also have the option to purchase additional trees and tree-related educational products (via the registration form).  The purchases will help fund more free trees for kids.

Trees will be delivered to us and will be ready for pick-up on or around Earth Day (April 22nd).

Rosemary Garfoot Public Library
Graphic of father helping child plant a tree sapling.