Meditative Creativity Through Etegami

Want to slow down the hamster wheel in your head?  Theresa Kim, artist and coach, will be here to teach the meditative art form of Etegami.  The main idea behind Etegami is that it's GOOD to be clumsy or awkward in our art as that allows us to throw expectations out the window and play.  Using a combination of ink and watercolor along with a highly unusual way of holding the brush, participants will do simple drawings accompanied by a few apt words on postcards that are intended to be easily mailed to others.

Theresa teaches Etegami as a tool to help people quiet and calm themselves.  She lives in Middleton with her husband and three boys.  You can learn more about her at

Go here and here to learn more about Etegami.


Rosemary Garfoot Public Library, 2107 Julius St, Cross Plains, WI
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