Lower Energy Bills with Focus on Energy

Join the Cross Plains Sustainability Committee and the Focus on Energy program for an information session all about lowering energy bills in your home!

Wednesday, June 14th — 6pm

The cheapest, most sustainable energy is the kind you never use! Making your home more energy efficient can have many benefits: lower energy bills, increased comfort, better indoor air quality, and a lower environmental impact. Thanks to Wisconsin's FOCUS ON ENERGY program and the Inflation Reduction Act, there are more resources available now than ever before to lower the cost of going efficient.

Join us for a free event at the Rosemary Garfoot Public Library at 6pm on Wednesday, June 14th to learn:

  • Which home energy projects to start with to save the most money
  • How to take advantage of Focus on Energy rebates and resources
  • General information on available tax credits for home energy projects

This event is hosted by the Cross Plains Sustainability Committee in partnership with Focus on Energy.

Rosemary Garfoot Public Library Community Room
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